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Umpiring by Ted Edwards



Approx. 18 months ago, after over 25 years of playing at local level, I started thinking about other ways of becoming involved in badminton,  at local level and possibly regional level. My local club, Thornaby Pavilion hosts two junior tournaments a year, in March and in October. Posters go up giving info regarding opportunities to become officials. I was initially looking towards becoming an umpire but when I saw the poster about line judges I thought, 'why not try both?'

Within 5 months I had attended a training course for both and had already been a line judge at a major national tournament, the 2007 Head Open at York. It was a new approach and why not have a go, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. After the Head Open I realised that line judging is an important job and isn’t, or need not be, as scary as normal, rational people might think it is. Next came umpiring, I managed one duty before the end of that season, it was nervy but I came out of it in one piece. If you follow the rules and procedures being an official can be exciting, tense and fun too.

Over the last season I have umpired approx 16 times including tournaments involving some of countries top players, also I have umpired an U19 International tournament in North Shields in November ‘08. At the end of that successful season for me I was upgraded to a County level umpire at the Yonex All England tournament in Brum in March.

Also over the last season, 2008-‘09, I was asked to line judge at three major National and International tournaments, English National Championships, European Team Championships and the cream of the crop, the Yonex All England Championships.

It has been one exciting season for me in more ways than one, all because I decided to try something a bit different and look at badminton from a different angle and also give myself ‘the best seat in the house’ when umpiring. Anybody can line judge and umpire, they are not as daunting as you may, at first, think. Umpiring, your in charge, line judging, it’s only one line but your call could decide the match or tournament final. Heart in your mouth but your decisions are important. I have actually been involved in major tournaments behind the scenes meeting the players and enjoying the tournament from a different perspective, all within the space of 18 months from first reading the notices on the wall and actually phoning the numbers, emailing the address or speaking to the people concerned.

You may not believe it at the moment but you too could do either, or both of these disciplines, just contact the relevant people and your on your way soon after. If, like me, you never had the chance to represent your county at county level then get involved now, at a later date, and enjoy some quality badminton where your in charge and the players listen to your calls and your decisions affect the outcome. Who knows, you may even get the bug and end up travelling the world umpiring international tournaments in any one of a number of countries, remember what’s coming in 2012 to London.

If you are interested and would like to know more, please read the details below and contact the relevant people/person. One phone call or email is all it needs. 

Ted Edwards (Both)                 07825506851     

John Hardy (Umpiring)                                       

Abby Kumar (Line Judging)      01628 521805    

Roger Cooke                             01642 656227   

Badminton Umpires Association of England Website

Badminton Line Judges Association of England Website 



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